Notice to Visitors

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  • Open Time

    Mar-Jun、Sep-Nov: 8:00 -17:00

    Jul、Aug: 8:00 -18:00

    Dec-Feb(next year): 8:30 -16:30

  • Bus run

    Mar-Jun、Sep-Nov: 8:30 -16:30

    Jul、Aug: 8:30 -17:00

    Dec-Feb (next year): 9:00 -15:30

  • Sell Time

    Mar-Jun、Sep-Nov: 8:00 -16:00

    Jul、Aug: 8:00 -17:00

    Dec-Feb (next year): 8:30 -15:30

Tourists should enter the park with tickets, children below 6 years and children below 1.3m can get free tickets, and students from 6 years old to 18 years old can get half-price tickets (with valid identification).

 Take care of animals and plants, don’t frighten, chase and capture animals, and don’t feed animals with unsanitary packages or hard objects, foods, etc.
Don’t move and damage various public facilities in the park, don’t bring pets and other living animals to the park, and don’t carry firearms, firecrackers and other hazardous articles into the park.

 Passenger cars with more than 40 seats can be directly driven into the vehicle entrance area, passenger cars with more than 20 seats and less than 40 seats must be accompanied by our tour guides to enter the park, and passenger cars and freight cars with less than 20 seats are not allowed to enter without exception.

 Vehicles driven into the vehicle allowed sightseeing area must be kept in a good condition to prevent from flameout on the way. Please call 021-61180013 or 021-61180012 for help when vehicles fail. Vehicles without communication tools can give out long-time whistles and will be supplied with paid services by our park.

 Vehicles driven into the vehicle allowed sightseeing area are prohibited from opening windows, stopping on the way or allowing people to get off arbitrarily, or will take all responsibilities in case of accidents.

 Our parking lots only provide parking spaces but are not responsible for storing properties in vehicles. Please carry your valuables.