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Entered the Shanghai wildlife park, the first thing you see is the flamingo exhibition area, nearly 200 birds in life here. So the flamingo has become the Shanghai wild zoo "welcome". Flamingos, named after the deep body for lux, mainly distributed in India, Africa and South America. Life 20 to 30 years, such as shrimp, clams, insects, algae, for food. Red is not the flamingo feather color originally, but from the intake of plankton, at the same time is more bright-coloured red flamingo physique is strong, the more attract the opposite sex flamingos, the offspring is better.

You can see them walk in shallow water feeding within the exhibition area, onshore Banks walk to roam, JiaoGeng play. On a whim, leng wings stretch, long neck succussion, column into a neat square, with dancing. Whenever this time, lake bird shadow, hand in photograph reflect, as critics, peach blossom floated around in the water.
In Shanghai wildlife park, together with the breeder the flamingo will walk in yingbin avenue collective tour, organized to meet the arrival of visitors, and have a chance to close interaction.



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