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My garden now breeding, gibbons belongs to the white-cheeked gibbons, now there are five heads, they belong to mammals, primates, gibbons, distribution of guangxi, yunnan, China. Seen in Vietnam, myanmar, India and other countries abroad.

White-cheeked gibbons length 50 cm, weight of 7 to 8 kg. Named after the deep buccal white, live in tropical, subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest, arboreal, battalion, the small groups of family life, feeds on fruits, leaves, buds, inflorescence, also eat insects. Are in the habit of controlling in the morning when the sun rises, adult ape to first of all, finally the resonance, audible sound pleasing to the ear, in dozens.
Sexual maturity white-cheeked gibbons 7-8 years old, pregnant period of 7 to 8 months, give birth every year 3-4 month, every child, every two produce a child.

White-cheeked gibbons in captivity, for love is very loyal, some zoo in order to display effect and reproduction rate often put together a male, a female gibbon breeding, exhibition, to the final result is left, one male, one female, other female gibbon is out; Said once had such a story: a pair of gibbon lived together for years, but the mother gibbons got sick died one year, the male orangutans in later life is unhappy, has also made a slim body, keepers give him before and after the 5 or 6 bride, were out by it, the last less than 1 year then the gibbon went to the "heaven" for its "love".