Fox island

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Fox island

African Madagascar ring-tailed lemur is a primate, ring-tailed lemur is the most bright a lemur and color science and technology. They live in the woodlands rock area of drought. Activities during the day, this is the only example of activities in the daytime in lemurs. And the main activities on the ground. They fit in, usually 5 ~ 20 a group, each group has its own territory, but males often fighting occurred "cross". They both eat plant foods, eat animal-based foods, but seems to be more like fruit, insects. They are sometimes sit to eat with your hands. When the food is always noisy, this when they ate locals of the fruit on the trees, it is easy to be found. For goeldi lemurs, was born male, it is destined to its whole life is "second-class citizens". In the society goeldi lemurs, "women and children first" is not violating the law. They belong to the primates, is one of the direct ancestors of animals.

Shanghai wildlife park on fox monkey island inhabited by hundreds of lemur, is one of the most popular exhibition in garden. Beautiful environment, the unique immersive display mode, the clever monkey, let you can close contact with their accessibility. Keepers will introduce visitors to the ring-tailed lemur, show the ring-tailed lemur climb jump nature.