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Lion area is the third exhibition of the car into the area, the area and a ferocious predators lion steppe in Africa. Their community life in the form of a male more than female. Lion is a carnivore, a member of the largest in the feline, lion strong body, head to the neck have turned loose hair, the female body is smaller. My garden beast defended their annexations feeding, to ensure the survivability of wild animals is not degraded. Lion predation, more is the lioness collective action, at the same time, the general is the teeth in the throat, make prey choked to death. Lions rarely part in the whole process, but be the first to enjoy its prey. Lions hunt defended their annexations stimulus scene disaster and give visitors leave deep memory. Lion populations of hierarchical is very strong, the lion is often fight for the status of the lion king, after the new lion Wang Dengji, former lion cubs will also kill, so that the female fertility own offspring for it as soon as possible. The lion, and no seasonal can breed all year.

My garden continental lion lion area is now on display more than 20. Galleries, you can't see animals in cages without the noise and pollution of the city, also does not have the cement forest oppressive feeling, only in green and return to the quiet and pure and fresh nature. For every visitor, take the tour bus, go deep into the predator free infested fields, the jungle, is a full of fear and exciting journey. Image galleries enter the African lion, lion mighty immediately greeted, wearing a long black mane of neck and shoulder lions are often let a person the sense of thrill to jump.

Lion king image wham! Everybody is not strange, "the lion king" the roar of power is real, if the vehicle passes it's nice to meet with the lion roar, the sound is really is like a jolt, however are sitting beside the "lion king" the lioness had remained calm.