Lesser Panda districts

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Lesser Panda districts

Lesser Panda, also known as the red panda, belongs to the mammalia carnivore raccoon panda genera. Body fat round, like a cat cat, about 6 kg weight, body length 40-65 cm. Lesser Panda is native to yunnan and myanmar border at an altitude of 3000 meters below the needle mixed forests or evergreen broad-leaved forest of bamboo grove, action is very sensitive, good at climbing trees, most of the time during the day in a tree covered with a layer of reddish brown moss rest, sleep and have beautiful weather, also like lies down on the rock in the sunshine, appear very leisurely, so the local people called it "the gate squat down. Although no pandas popularity, Lesser panda because natural disposition is gentle, cute, darling, are popular in the zoo.
Shanghai wild animal zoo Lesser panda area set up for Lesser panda climbing fake trees, rockeries, rope ladder, swing and other facilities, better show the panda daily behavior, improve the effect of tourists to visit.