Chimpanzee museum

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Chimpanzee museum

Chimpanzees belong to mammals, primates, pongidae, live mainly in guinea, Tanzania and Uganda. Chimpanzees scientific name "Pan troglodytes," is the meaning of "the god of the forest". In the great apes is the only "manufacturing tools, using tools" gorilla. Chimpanzee sex lively, good noise, imitation strong. About 35 to 40 years of life, some as high as 60 years. Belongs to international endangered species annex I to protect animals.

Shanghai wild chimpanzees at the zoo exhibit fully consider the survival environment of the chimpanzee, building ecological and health pavilion, chimpanzees to provide a more comfortable and suitable living environment. Exhibition floor rock area, studied the clear, gurgling streams, afforest decorate tropical rainforest amorous feelings, activity facilities, fully meet the life of chimpanzees.