Asian elephant interactive experience

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Asian elephant interactive experience

Asian elephants also known as the Indian elephant, elephant, Asian elephants, belong to the proboscidea like family, is the largest land animals in Asia, mainly in south Asian tropical rain forest and monsoon forest and forest valleys, hillside, savanna, bamboo and wide strip.

Shanghai wild zoo elephants in exhibition covers an area of 30 mu, the largest Asian elephant population in east China. Exhibition simulation Asian elephants of the ecological environment, rich full-bodied subtropical amorous feelings.
Exhibition area is divided into two parts, part are exhibit behavior, and is part of tourists interaction zone. Display area behavior, Asian elephants collective show visitors their housekeeping skills: move wood, water, water the flowers, procedures, etc., busy busy. One side of the professional docent Asian elephants behavior shows each in detail. In tourist interaction zone, and the elephant to a zero distance contact, you can feed the elephant, and loved ones to participate in the elephant riding, more can experience a "blind touch like" game, adventure, enjoy it.