Takin museum

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Takin museum

Back like a brown bear, hind legs like a spot hyenas, face like moose, tail like a goat, horns grow and as a wildebeest, whole looks like cattle, with golden hair, the "six don't like" animals, is a national treasure gross takins in endangered species of wild animals. Golden takins not cow, it is on the subject of sheep subfamily, on the classification to frigid zone antelope, wild goats can be said to be very large. It is only produced in a few countries such as in our country.

Shanghai wildlife park takins pavilion covers an area of 2000 square meters, exhibition arrangement in the rockery, waterfall, tall trees, material tank, water tank, the ground with stones, combined Shi Sha, water permeability is quite good, is very helpful to the health of animals. Takins are one of the biggest feature is the rock climbing, so the venue's biggest feature is completely according to the animal behavior to design, satisfies the requirement of golden retriever their climb.