Amur Tiger

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Amur Tiger

The fifth exhibition of amur region is the car into the area, stocking the amur tigers. Growing cool mixed needle leaf and subtropical broad-leaved forest vegetation, such as greening and shrubs, simulating natural living conditions for the tiger to protect provides basic conditions. A tiger is unlikely to climb, he is good at swimming, like bath. When touring, waiting to be defended their annexations feed the tiger group, then the newsletter raid. In general, the tiger every meat 6-8 kg, 10 kg big edible. Tiger group of discipline, the first to eat tiger tiger is always the first to catch its prey.
Siberian tigers are the largest of the tiger. Life the hinggan mountains in northeast China, Russia and in changbai mountain area, Siberia. The south China tiger is distributed in the region south of the Yangtze river, is one of the rare and endangered animals in our country. According to statistics, only 70 are south China tiger, including field only 20, only protect the south China tiger populations, maintenance of biological diversity are imperative. (currently recognized in the world have eight tiger subspecies: including Caspian of extinction in the 1940 s, 1970 s extinction of Bali, the reincarnation of extinction in the 1980 s, the east-northern tiger, Bengal tiger, tiger, sumatran tiger in southeast Asia and south China tiger.)
I park the east-northern tiger section has adult the east-northern tiger 21 head. In deadwood, bark, rocky material within the area, "wild" flavour is dye-in-the-wood. Jovian Siberian tigers. Known as "the king" the title, it is withdrawn, loners, after visiting vehicles enter the exhibition, visitors can see a tiger in the grass out from time to time superintendent sightseeing vehicle, seemed to hover as standby at any time.



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