White Tiger

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White Tiger

White tiger area is the sixth exhibition area of the car into the area, exhibition area simulation white tiger living conditions of the original ecological characteristics, set up the rockery, waterfalls, ditches, lakes, environment is very beautiful. Especially in imitation of natural ice stream configuration or fruit habitat of the most unique visual effect, and the ecological environment is more suitable for white tiger living habits like water.

White tiger belongs to the Bengal tiger, only LeiWei region of native to India, the tiger is very precious and rare. The stripes of the tiger as the dark brown or black, the rest are milky white, eyes of blue. Tiger is native to northern Eurasia, expanding from thence toward the south, now distribution range is limited to the former Soviet union far eastern parts of China, India, and southeast Asia. The original eight tiger subspecies has three extinction, the rest of the five also prospects are grim. And almost all white tiger breeding for people to see in the zoo.

White tiger is not a species or subspecies of tiger, they "WaiYang soil", and other tiger in life habits, power and independence are the same, just different colour. White tiger is caused by a single recessive gene trait, like blue eyes are human.

Tiger although personality is fierce, but seldom take the initiative to attack people, injured except female tiger, tiger and brood. See people usually avoid them from a distance. So-called "bite" tiger usually those old and sick persons, due to the physical condition is less than other wildlife hunting, forced by hunger, had to take risks, to attack humans, it is found that uniform people easier than wild animals, to become again not clear.

My white tiger garden area is now on display subadult white tiger nearly 10 head.



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