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Animal Greeting&Cruise

Time :9:00-10:15

Place:Square inside the Park next to Main Entrance

Sea lions performance

Time :10:00、13:00(Weekends and holidays only)、15:15

Place:Sea lions pavilion

Large Square Artistic Performance

Time :13:00

Place:Beast Hill Square

Performance of Lions & Tigers

Time :11:00(everyday)、14:30(Weekends and holidays only)

Place:Arena Court

Dog & Horse Racing Performance

Time :11:00

Place:Dog Racing Court

International circus theatre

Time :13:00(Mon-Fri), 12:00 14:00(Weekends and holidays only)

Place:International circus theatre

1. All the above performances in the park can be watched for free until the performance venue is full. The animal greeting performance can be watched only on holidays & festivals and two-day weekends.
2. The specific performance times should refer to the broadcast announcement in the park on that day.
3. When the temperature is higher than 35°C (including 35°C) or lower than 0°C (including 0°C), greyhound matches in the dog racing court and animal performances on the beast hill should be canceled while other matches will be held as usual.
4. The park is entitled to stop performances in rainy days or under other conditions.