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Bus Line


Track Traffic Line: 
Subway Line 16, Wild Animal Park Station
Stop Stations: Longyang Road Station,Huaxia Zhong Road Station,Luoshan Road Station, East Zhoupu Station, Heshahangcheng Station, East Hangtou Station, Xinchang Station, Wild Animal Park Station

Huinan Line 6: 
Stop Stations: Subway Line 16 & Wild Animal Park Station, Hangsan Road (Shi Bridge), Wild Animal Park

Nanxin Line: 
Stop Stations: New Railway Station (Southwest Exit), Nanpu Bridge, Beicai, Zhoupu, Liuzao, Wild Animal Park

Zhangnan Line: 
Stop Stations: Subway Line 2 (Zhangjiang Exit), Jianqiao University, Liuzao, Wild Animal Park

Hunan Line:
Stop Stations: Dongchang Road, Beicai, Zhoupu, Hangtou, Xinchang, Xuejiazhai (transferring to Nanxin Line at Xuejiazhai Station to arrive at Wild Animal Park Station)