Features animal shows

Herbivore section

Herbivores area is the area of 21 hectares, is the largest car into the zone covers an area of area. Divided into faunal region faunal region of Asia and Africa, animals Asia exhibition on display there are red deer, sika deer, wild yak, wild Asian unique rare animals such as camels and other 10 kinds of more than 200 animals, exhibition display animals in Africa have zebra, wildebeest, big, springbok antelope, gemsbok horns, water current, big corner antelope, giraffe, rhinos, hippos, 16 kinds of more than 160 specialty animals in Africa.

In recent years, Shanghai wildlife park focus on animal models show, large population and accelerate the animal exhibition of work, including environmental feng capacity and food etc, this to a great extent improve the animal welfare, laid a solid foundation for the animals.

Here visitors can see in the world's fastest ostrich cars with long legs follow feeding; Sika deer, Africa wildebeest, African zebra, wildebeest and sometimes walk, sometimes running.

Good living environment, to build the ecological pattern, the animals will enjoy, leisurely life. In the jungle and rocks, visitors can find the beautiful scene of the rare animals, and not out runs through from Asia, Africa, the original amorous feelings and experience the charm of the desert!