Features animal shows


The Wolf is the car into the area's seventh largest exhibition, completed in January 2016. Overall covers an area of about 22000 square meters, the exhibition to imitate the wolves in the wild life pattern construction, design the rugged topography, pile rockery, adding deadwood, abundant capacity facilities such as habitat, planting a large number of trees, shrubs, strewn at random have send, with stone rockery, water falls, decorate a shoal, overall form the sparse woodland, rock hanging hole, river water body landscape, etc. Wolves are predators, and German shepherd similar appearance, the main difference is that the kiss is long, mouth slightly wide expansion, ears erect not song, drooping tail erect. Personality is cruel and alert and very good run, often adopts the way of hunting for prey, when food surplus has the habit of hiding. My garden area holds nearly 30 Wolf Wolf, believe that large wolves will bring tourists thrilling feeling.