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Is known as a "living fossil" of giant pandas, is China's unique animals. Gentle temperament, enshrouded, why he act cute panda is one of the popular wildlife, is now the world wildlife fund is chosen as the logo.
Jisheng period of hundreds of thousands of years ago is the giant panda, was widely distributed in China Eastern, later period the animals die, the giant panda is precious, and keep the original ancient characteristics, which is known as a "living fossil".

Giant panda body length 120 ~ 180 centimeters, the body fat, limbs stout. Head round short, small ears, kiss, tail is very short. Kiss of the white face with black nose and eight word permutation of black rim of the eye. Black ears erect at the top of the head, a black belt from the shoulder stretch across the forelimbs, and gradually widened, the hind legs are black, the rest of the body parts in addition to the chest a little bit pale brown or black hair, color is white. "