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Shanghai wildlife park in a flock of immigrant from Argentina Magellanic penguins, built for them in the zoo of ecological living environment comfortable. Covers an area of 900 square meters of the penguins. According to the life habits of Magellanic penguins in the country of origin, penguins pavilion square on the outdoor road, activities with pool, shallow slope land and landscape rockery, etc. And personnel serve carefully, carefully configure its recipes. In the imitation ecological living environment, the penguins had a very leisurely.

In fact, not all penguins live in cold Antarctic, Magellanic penguins is temperate penguins, mainly distributed in South America, Chile and Argentina the falkland islands, coastal prey fish, shrimp and shellfish. Because of the famous navigator Ferdinand Magellan first voyage to the ring South America continent in 1519 found that the name.

Magellanic penguins head in black with a white broadband from eye after ear, stretches near to the jaw. In the family of penguins they belong to medium height, average height of about 70 cm, weight about 4 kg. Good at swimming and diving, Magellanic penguins start way, fin-like forelimbs slightly open, a shake a put, darling. Don't see them on the shore of the appearance is very awkward, in the water they are agile, such as dragon, from time to time in the water fast, and sometimes slow to swim across the water swim tired go ashore to rest, eat a small yellow croaker supplement physical strength.