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Water Bird Lake

Waterfowl lake is 160 mu of the size of the waters, there is a small island, frequented by all kinds of swan, pelican, etc more than 20 species of more than 800 plume waterfowl and waders, including national protected animal mute swan, whooper swans, little swan, and introduced from abroad the black swan and the black swan neck and a variety of migratory birds. Waterfowl in the morning and afternoon activities in the water, reproduce the swan in the parent birds soaring over the zoo, spirited, singing loud, has its own view.

Waterfowl lake vertical darken light dance, the lake water wave reflection mirror, sipping water birds or swimming in the lake, or have a rest on the shore, elegantly the beauty of the comfortable life. You can more at the lake and the swans to an intimate contact.