Features animal shows


Orangutans pavilion covers an area of 1500 square meters, "stealth" deep in the shade, indoor and outdoor display area, two major life set indoor environment capacious and bright, with the bionic hill forest as the background, the blue sky white clouds, water gurgling, inside facilities are complete, for ape climbing, play and leisure of the cable, rubber tires and the parallel bars, the high bar, the balance beam, such as slide habitat wooden frame, two configuration changes in temperature control of high power air conditioning. Outdoor exhibit as a small green island, a broad area, the island was covered with green free green lawn, there is a double wooden perch, herringbone peak for their shelter, shade of leisure, is surrounded by four large wooden and two rings sample rubber tires. Habitat, timber and rings with the cable together between the wheels, they can be along the cable need not touchdown with enjoy playing in the "empty". Four orangutans "four MAO", "five hair" and "well" and "god turtle" successively in Shanghai wildlife park, and the marriage.