Features animal shows


Cheetah area is the second in the car into the exhibition. The ecological environment simulation of tropical Africa and half desert grassland, range from a group of African cheetah, formed a large group of cheetahs. Cheetah slender slim, streamlined shape can close in, its running sprint scene reminiscent of its grasslands in Africa immediately dashing on prey. And its my leisure walk on the grass when to start a confident attitude, let a person gasp in admiration. Adult cheetah is thin compared with other carnivorous animals, cheetah, however, to become animal world sprint champion, 80-113 km per hour. In ancient times, the cheetah has often been noble captive as an assistant to hunting. Cheetahs run often within 400-500 meters, longer distance will lose speed and endurance.

Shanghai wildlife park area is now on display cheetah cheetah nearly 10 head. After entering the area the thick grass and hidden in the cheetah group will take visitors into distant African grassland. Cheetahs in the form of species breeding, increased reproduction probability, garden with the method of artificial feeding, I succeeded in breeding more than 60 cheetahs.