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Macaw is a most beautiful colors, the largest parrot, is famous for its versatility in the animal kingdom. Macaw like eating a variety of fruits, depend on it that strong beak in particular, can bring of the fruit of hard pecked away, using your tongue to nuclear meat to eat. When they face no hair, excitement will appear with a red light. Macaws are easier to accept training, life can reach 65. Will imitate a gentle voice, but sometimes like a wild parrot screams.

Shanghai wild zoo exhibition in order to let the macaw parrot in front of the visitors to better show their elegant demeanour, the breeder habitat within the exhibition on frame from the design and layout. New habitats improve the effective utilization of environment space, large macaw species display effect is more obvious. Exhibition place within the educational feeders and all kinds of interesting toys, scattered through food abundant capacity and feeding, let the parrots move adequately, also reduced the parrot between competing for food, this to improve the animal welfare and spectator are very helpful.
Macaws here, every day for visitors to show the hoisting bucket, cracking nuts and flying stunts, such as back and forth every day two science explanation and behavior show about macaw, highlights at this present for you!