Features animal shows


Hippo pavilion covers an area of 2200 square meters, the courtyard date palm, palm strewn at random have send, such as tropical rain forest atmosphere makes the hippos are a check-in as if returned to his hometown. Make "big mouth" the most happy thing, the park because of considering the Shanghai winter temperature is low, they are afraid of the heat is not afraid of cold nature, so long as they are designed and greenhouse indoor heating, heat preservation swimming pool. Hippos from ningbo "treasures", from nanning hippo "auspicious", and from guangzhou hippo "salsa" combination has become "happy big mouth" combination, they were aged in about two years old, has not yet adults, lively and lovely, is a recent wildlife park king "popularity". Exhibition of new interpretation, show visitors a hippo behavior: feeding, brushing my teeth, tourists to watch at the same time also can understand science knowledge.