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Crocodile Island

Chinese alligator is unique to China reptile, across generations in Yangtze river basin in China, has more ancient than human ancient history, whose ancestors first appeared in the Mesozoic Triassic period, more than two hundred million years ago, in the Mesozoic reptiles thrive, was one of the earth's "master", dominated the whole world. Cenozoic to 70 million years ago, most reptiles dinosaurs are extinct on earth, alligators crocodiles and other 20 species continue to experience together the rise of the decline of reptiles and mammals, as survivors on the earth.

Chinese alligator, Chinese ancient books called "Tuo", origin people call it "earth dragon", "pig shiva dragon", is to live in freshwater crocodile, it has a wide distribution, habitat in the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze river lakes, swamps, hilly mountain stream to reed, bamboo, and miscellaneous irrigation area. About sixty-seven thousand years ago, zhejiang yuyao hemudu has distribution, until the tang dynasty, jiangnan provinces such as zhejiang, jiangxi, hunan, jiangsu and anhui, hubei parts have alligators, was not only widespread, and more. Ancient often with its hides drum, "Tuo drum". With the economic development of the Yangtze river basin, the population increases, the distribution of Chinese alligator area shrinking rapidly, and the number decreased dramatically, become one of the endangered wild animals.
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