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Raccoon Area

Raccoon is a carnivore, the raccoon family, distributed in North America and China and the United States. Because of its often eat fish near the river let a person think it huan washed in water food, therefore the raccoon. They usually hide sleeping during the day, in the field will only come out at night looking for something to eat, so the people sent this title "thieves" food, its a cute nickname called prince "flat surface. Shanghai wildlife park of raccoon area with beautiful environment, ecological nature. In order to restore the raccoon foraging for food in the field of the real scene, set up a variety of educational feeding device, cooperate to eat much food less feeding method, fully embodies the raccoon elutriation food habits. Feeding device or hanging in a tree or in the water, let the raccoon play nature, take the initiative to find food, reducing raccoon hunting in the field, the real scene of elutriation food.