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Golden Monkey Island

Golden monkey monkey belongs to primates colobus monkeys snub-nosed monkey genera, because they all have a pair of nostril, so called them on classification snub-nosed monkey. They are eating leaves. Degree of precious golden monkeys and giant pandas, belong to the "national treasure animals", sichuan golden monkey golden color, like in "curse", especially dazzling in the sun, said it is a little Monkey King too much.

Golden monkey in a family with only one adult males, as parents, and other males, will at the appropriate age be expelled from the family, these single guys together, form the whole male population.
Golden monkey island is located in the Shanghai Zoo animals across the park, located in the lake, the number of golden monkey population in captivity in China in the golden monkey is the largest, more than 50 sichuan golden monkey into three groups, to recuperate, safe to live here. Apart from other zoo caged in pairs or small groups form, I have a special breeding garden pattern -- big population, family-run, attract the attention of many experts at home and abroad.