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mandrill museum

Mandrill belongs to mammalia primate monkey, live mainly in guinea and places such as Congo in Africa. Also called ghost vervet baboons, baboons, maximum length 75 cm, stout body, up to more than 50 kg, known as the biggest monkey. Adult male mandrill's face like a Peking Opera mask, colourful, looks like a ghost. Mandrill's main food for fruits, nuts and other plants and small animals. Mandrill rampant is strong enough. In a good mood, they bared teeth to be friendly to each other. When angry, fierce knocking on the ground, with one hand and eyes stare at each other. Group living mandrill xi, dozens of groups of life only by older male for the leader. Their defensive ability is very strong, when you meet the DiHai leader will lead to play. It is said that even the king of the lion to they also fear to three points.

Shanghai wild zoo mandrill hall covers an area of about 2500 square meters. To facilitate the viewing, divided into two large exhibition area, indoor and outdoor, outdoor exhibition area in the terrain by the outgoing continuously drive up a slope shape, adopting the dry ditch, inside planting evergreen shrubs, trees, placing huge rocks and logs on the second floor of herringbone roof among leisure pavilion; Indoor exhibition type used to thicken the bulletproof steel glass, visitors can both sides viewing, the upper house window, in order to increase the indoor daylighting and ventilated, have installed the rope, wheel rim, LangMu and parallel bars, in order to play their leisure fitness needs.