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Squirrel Monkeys

Squirrel monkey is produced in the small monkeys in South America, they are small size, weight is only 750 ~ 1100 grams, general with fruit, flowers, buds, leaves, and insects for food. Usually dozens of head of a group of, there are hundreds of head groups. Squirrel monkey 3-4 age of sexual maturity, spring mating, pregnancy for six months, every child, life of 15 years. Squirrel monkey because it is a large group of animals, each group has a few senior male lead, whenever mother monkey heat by the male monkey mating, of course, due to the large population, male monkeys can secretly in the status of the other didn't find a wife.

Shanghai wildlife park opened since 1995 began breeding, squirrel monkeys, has been breeding survived more than 300 squirrel monkey. Squirrel monkeys home in referred to as "its crescent" corner of the man-made island. Island surrounded by water, the environment elegant and comfortable, not only set a habitat of frame with strewn at random discretion, such wooden shelter, and for the size of the little guys climbing trees. Keeper pulled the rope on the island, set up the ladder, hanging a lot of educational feeding device - bamboo tube, squirrel monkeys jumped on the hemp rope jump in the past, now and then also to find the food in the bamboo tube. Ladder is more charming, although do not have the temptation of food, but still is a favorite of squirrel monkeys.