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Crested Ibis

Crested ibis is primary key protected animals in China. It carries a little beautiful body size, posture, it is a kind of medium waders. Into the bird fly to white, when flight feathers red below. Black long beak slightly bent downward, sophisticated part of the red, head, face, forehead, jaw exposed part are bright red. Crested ibis chicks sexual maturity after the age of two. Is a typical "monogamous" system, once the "marriage" a lifetime together. 3-4 months, is that they "love", spawning period of incubation. The couple take turns sitting nest, eggs, and the brood. The incubation period is about 28 days, the brood about 45 days. In mid-june, chicks can follow his nest "parents" fly up the sky. Crested ibis was widely distributed in China, the Korean peninsula, Siberia, and most of Japan and other places. But as a result of excessive human economic development and the destruction of the crested ibis habitat environment, crested ibis population in a foreign country in less than a century of extinction. Worldwide in 1981 found only in China's shaanxi county 7 feather wild crested ibis, after more than 30 years of efforts, by the original 7 feather grows to more than 900 wild and captive of more than 700 feathers, to save endangered species on the national and international success story.

Shanghai wild animal zoo built a for the crested ibis covers an area of 2000 square meters of "home". In order to facilitate the masses of tourists and the safety of the crested ibis, the whole region outside of the "wall" with 700 square meters of wire mesh, there is a layer of nylon netting as protection from the "wall", in case the crested ibis in the process of flying mistakenly hit injured by touching the wire mesh, buffering effect. "Home" in the middle, ShuYou two pillar of steel, hold up a piece of nylon net, to find a place for steel column several rest for crested ibis, lay eggs, eggs, the brood of the bird's nest. The ground paved with lawn, trees shrubs green leaves. Several habitat rack and a habitat of the arbor strewn at random have send, habitat for crested ibis leisure shelter the rain. Lawn in the middle there is a 5 square metre of shallow pool of water, living water for bathing, playing, foraging crested ibis. Every day have rebuilt loach crested ibis likes to eat food, etc.