Features animal shows


Bear area is the fourth area of the car into the area, area is vast, covers an area of 5 hectares, fully simulates the Xiong Er survival environment, undulating terrain, cascading rockery, bubbling streams and falls down.

Brown bears, black bears live here with two bears. Surprising is that they can live in harmony, mutual non-aggression, which is rare at home and abroad. The bear, bear sensitive sense of smell and hearing, poor vision. Touring in, on both sides of the lane, brown and black bear to beg for food to the tourists, the scene is very interesting.

Whole body black, chest a crescent white spot is black, it is favorite honey and ants, climbing, to feed wild fruit on the tree. Brown bear large, body hair brown or dark brown, not good at climbing trees. I bear garden area existing brown bears, black bears more than 30. Bear, bear naughty, greed.