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Kangaroo slope

Kangaroo is Australia's the beast, the kangaroo is marsupials, and placental animals is the mammal, 25 million years ago, marsupials almost disappeared from the earth, only live in Australia and Papua New Guinea, kangaroo look like rats, female kangaroo has a pouch to feeding cannot live independent small kangaroo, kangaroo, though have limbs forelimb short, hind limbs developed, feed on grass, and people friendly, kangaroo used leap forward, the hind legs of 60 kilometers per hour.

Shanghai wildlife park slope kangaroo covers an area of 2000 square meters, green lawn capacious and resonant, more than 30 grizzly ", "red kangaroo, kangaroo, living here, they are docile personality, tourists and reliable nearly feeding the kangaroo kangaroo, also can feel the baby kangaroo, still can hold the hand of the mother kangaroo, and take photos with them.