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African lion country pavilions

Zimbabwe's President Robert mugabe's visit to China in August 2014, on behalf of the zimbabwean people presented to the Chinese people a pair of lion. China will they named "jinjin" and "Fifi", the moral china-zimbabwe and china-africa friendship. The lion "jinjin" 2 years old, a lion "Fifi" 3 years old. They arrived in Shanghai on October 16, 2015, and settled in Shanghai wildlife park, became the new angel china-zimbabwe and china-africa friendship.

Country gift lion exhibition covers an area of about overland square meters, the exhibition in imitation of the natural environment of Africa, planted with trees and plants. As a captive breeding under the environment of the wild lions, "jinjin" and "Fifi" very alert and vigilant, as long as people close to, will be bared fangs, a fierce roar, in an attempt to deter attackers with animal roars at fellow players work. But after Shanghai life after a period of time, "jinjin" and "Fifi" slowly familiar with the environment here, the air becomes loose a lot of. Now, often can see them in exhibition play freely.