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  • I want to buy 5 tickets , need to keep 5 id card?

    You just need to one-time purchase, when five people in the park together into the garden.

  • The zoo have a parking space? Charge?

    Shanghai wild animal park with four large parking lot, more than 6000 parking Spaces, rate is 20 yuan/time unlimited.

  • How to buy student tickets? Graduate student free?

    juveniles of 6-18 years old and students of full-time bachelor degree or below should buy tickets with valid identification.

  • The disabled people need tickets?

    Free for the disabled into the park, please hold a valid disability certificate is dealt with to A4 is the door window into the park

  • Soldiers where can free , disabled into the park?

    At the gate of the Shanghai wildlife park is A4 window handle.

  • Have a lease wheelchair and buggy service?

    Yes, please at the gate of the Shanghai wild animal zoo is north of tourist service center leasing, service is free.

  • I booked tickets online , how to check it ?

    Please input on PC or cell phone at the time of booking id and phone number, can view the booking situation in the background and apply for refund.

  • Weather is bad, will not see animalshow?

    In addition to the extreme weather, exhibition display and animal shows normal.

  • My pet can garden together?

    Because pets carry microorganisms may harm to the health of wildlife, please do not bring pets to garden.

  • A few days don't open the zoo?

    Shanghai wild animal park open all year, except for special cases (announcement).

  • 上海野生动物门票的价格只包括游览吗,有乘车的内容吗?


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