Anthropoide Sparadiseus Area

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Anthropoide Sparadiseus Area

A new guest, the Anthropoide sparadiseus comes to the “Moon Bay” on the Lake of waterfowl. Anthropoide sparadiseus is the national bird of South Africa. Its plumage is blue-gray, with loose silver-gray feathers on its head and long feathers on the back of the head. It forms a curved shape that makes the head look very rounded, and also sets the neck very thin. The wing's coverts are dark gray and the rear tends to be black. This is a long “inner wing” (three-level fly feathers) made up of multiple layers of soft and long feathers. It covers the tail feathers and extends long to the rear which are dragged to the ground and look like long tails. The body length is 110-140 cm. It usually nests eggs in the spring. Usually there is only two eggs in a nest. The exhibition area is adjacent to the pandas, squirrel monkeys and raccoons.