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About Tickets
  • I booked a ticket online, how do I check the status of my order? How can I return my ticket?

    You can check the status of your order and apply for refund through your computer or phone by entering the ID number and phone number you registered for ticket purchase.

  • Can I rent wheelchairs or strollers? Do I have to pay?

    They can be rented free-of-charge at the visitor service center north of the main entrance.

  • Where do soldiers, people with disabilities and other groups eligible for ticket exemption enter the Park?

    Ticket-free visits are handled at window A4.

  • Do people of disabilities need to buy tickets?

    People with disabilities can enter the Park ticket-free with proof of disabilities through window A4.

  • How do I buy student tickets? Can I visit the Park ticket-free if I’m a postgraduate student? What happens if I don’t bring my student card?

    Student tickets are for minors aged 6-18 and full-time students pursuing an undergraduate degree or under. Postgraduate students are not eligible. If you do not have a student card, you can bring other proof of age documents if you are less than 18 years old. However, if you are a college student without a student card, you cannot buy student tickets. Students of university extension programs and continued education programs are not eligible.

  • Is there a parking lot? How much do I have to pay for parking?

    There are 4 parking lots in the Park with more than 6000 parking spots; you will be charged 20 yuan per car for unlimited parking.

  • I want to buy 5 tickets online, do I need 5 ID cards?

    You can purchase 5 tickets in one go; just make sure the 5 ticket-holders enter the Park together.

Visitors’ Reminder
  • On what days does the Park close?

    The Park opens every day throughout the year. Notices will be put up should any unexpected event cause the Park to close.

  • Should I be worried about performance cancellation caused by bad weather?

    Exhibitions and performances will only be cancelled in extreme weathers; otherwise they will proceed as normal.

  • Can I bring my pets?

    Please do not bring your pets, because the microorganism they carry may hurt zoo animals.

  • 上海野生动物门票的价格只包括游览吗,有乘车的内容吗?


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